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Farlight Commanders

2-4 Multiplayer Coop Online

Cooperate with your friends (2-4), crew a spaceship and fight in differents places.

Your Spaceship

The Cantharis is a destroyer class destroyer used in the first war against the Corporation.


Land with your crew and conquest the enemy Base in order to claim the planet.

Farlight Commanders is a 2D coop multi online shoot em'up game where the players have to fight against an invincible enemy. Coop with friends (2-4). Drive a spaceship where each player has an unique role. Liberate the galaxy where your ancestors lived in peace

Since the first Farlight Explorers, the life in this galaxy is not easy. Near the core of the galaxy a rich mineral was discovered and the company who sent the explorers years ago wanted to control the planets. After many years of war, the corporation own more than half of the galaxy and they are exploiting the planets with tiranny. Pushed to the border of the galaxy, after new elections, the council is preparing a counterattack, using olds war spaceships in a desperate act, the council wants to force a truce, however people is tired of the war and each day the public opinion is decreasing. Players will team up to command one of the spaceships and liberate the planets.

Cooperate with your friends (2-4), crew a spaceship and fight in differents places. Each player will have an unique rol in the game. Commander, Soldier, Medic and Technician.

The Cantharis is a destroyer class destroyer used in the first war against the Corporation were the first Farlight Explorers colonists achieved to win the war destroying the Singularity Gate.
Right now is an obsolete spaceship, however it has the best balance and the cost to produce it is really low.
The spaceship has 4 main stations. Drive, shields, energy, artillery. Each station has unique actions
so handle wisely with your crew each station to win the different battles.

Land with your crew and conquest the enemy Base in order to claim the planet.

Farlight Explorers

Build Your Base

Build your base piece by piece in order to extract resources from the ground or the core of the planet.

Build Your Spaceship

Build your spaceship and travel and fight in the Galaxy.

Explore The Universe

Dig into the galaxy discovering new places and unfolding secrets.

Farlight Explorers is a 3D space-sandbox game, made for space exploration, science fiction, resource management and action fans. In this game you can build your base or spaceship and explore the galaxy.

When you start the game you choose a planet to start from the hundreds out there in the galaxy map. Once on the planet you have to extract resources to begin building a base that provides you with the items to survive like food and others. If the base is secure, you can start building your spaceship to go to other planets to extract unique resources that you need to develop new technologies, or you can also use your spaceship to discover buried secrets.

Procedurally generated galaxy each time you start a new game, with different stars filled with planets. Each planet has unique features such as weather, wildlife, minerals, secrets and threats. Put a map module in your spaceship and explore all your galaxy, maybe you will find hidden secrets.

Own space stations and bases is essential to survive and to get resources. In the base you can install electricity generating systems, food generators, mineral extractors, furnaces, automatic turrets and many more objects. You can also decorate it as you like to feel at home. You can get resources without the need of a base but it may be slow and unsecure.


  • More than 60 pieces to build your base or spaceship.
  • Travel around the Galaxy with your ship. Control your ship in each location.
  • Manual searching and extracting resources with your laser drill.
  • Drill Stations for automatic extracting resources.
  • Furnace to transform minerals.
  • Food needs of the character. Food Generators.
  • Electricity systems. Wires and Electricity generators.
  • Armor and weapons for your character. Shield added.
  • Procedurally generated galaxy.
  • Automatic Turrets. Defend your base against invaders.
  • Manual Turrets. Put in your spaceship and control it.
  • Day/Night Cycle.
  • Oxygen needs of the character. Oxygen Generators and Oxygen Tanks.
  • Water Pump Station with Water Pipes. Get water for the Food Station.
  • Conveyor belts. Transport your minerals to your chests or furnaces.
  • Robotic Arms.
  • Laboratory Module. Investigate new Technologies.



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